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Momma, Life is Here | Marvelous Mundane

When that newborn baby cries louder than any shower concert you’ve given; when a few hours of connected sleep sounds like a fantasy; when it takes longer to get out the door than your average drive, there is life here. Life is found in seeing the face of God, in hearing the voice of God. And this entirely dependent baby, who can’t speak their needs, who can’t voice their fears and discomforts, is the perfect picture of our dependent hearts.

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Am I "Mom Enough"? | Marvelous Mundane

The children you have are not a mistake. They are hand-picked by God to be in your family. You are their chosen mother! God hand picked you for them. Own it! Own the truth that you are God’s best mother for these children. You are the only mother they are going to have.

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