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Momma, Life is Here | Marvelous Mundane

When that newborn baby cries louder than any shower concert you’ve given; when a few hours of connected sleep sounds like a fantasy; when it takes longer to get out the door than your average drive, there is life here. Life is found in seeing the face of God, in hearing the voice of God. And this entirely dependent baby, who can’t speak their needs, who can’t voice their fears and discomforts, is the perfect picture of our dependent hearts.

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Creating Your Own Support System | Marvelous Mundane

Almost every Thursday, I have a group of moms and their small children over for a play date, of sorts: a come and go as you please, bring your own snacks kind of playdate. (I am not in a stage of life where I can bake weekly, or offer more than a well-made pot of coffee!).

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Five Tips for Enjoying Life with Toddlers | Marvelous Mundane

They say there are two certainties in life, death and taxes. And in this stage, I can add another: stranger comments. Almost every errand run with my three young, full-of-life boys in tow equals another, “My, your hands are full!” or “Wow, you must be busy!”

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The Gift of Responsibility | Marvelous Mundane

“Can you grab that sour cream for me?”.

I stand in the dairy aisle, pointing to the medium-sized, red sour cream container.

“You can go down there now,” he responds, gesturing to the other end of the aisle.

And I hear the unspoken in his reply. He is seven going on adult. He is ready for responsibility without hovering. Space to grow up. I walk to the other end of the aisle, grabbing a few gallons of milk. He dashes over, placing the sour cream in the cart.

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