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Of Cracked Fingertips and Parched Souls | Marvelous Mundane

When I can barely make it to the end of a bedtime story before desperately running to the childless quiet, when a little voice makes one last night-time request and I barely fight back the frustration ready to burst from my heart to my mouth, when dumped milk causes spilled tears, these red flags wave me back to my reality. The reality that neglected soul care will always chase me down.

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Today, I Will Love You | Marvelous Mundane

Today, I will remember you are not a trophy to be displayed, or a project to be completed, but a person to be treasured. And I will treasure you. I will mother with respect and dignity, honoring both the reach of my influence and the depth of your value.

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Giving our Children the Gift of Peace | Marvelous Mundane

Surrounded by three pairs of overeager hands, three small wiggling bodies, and three questioning voices, my peace of mind lasted approximately one house into the village build. One of the small arms reached across the counter, starting a chain reaction of movement that sent the only assembled house tumbling to the floor. My last thread of calm vanished, and so did my peaceful voice…

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