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In You I See Myself: Embracing Empathy in Motherhood | Marvelous Mundane

Those mornings the three year old’s whine sounds more like a war cry, a high pitched declaration of battle between his childishness and my sanity; the eight-year old’s foot dragging a shot fired against all my glorious intentions. And the almond-eyed two year old, those whacks he gives his brother are blows to the grace my heart embraced in the early morning quiet, before the walls of this house echoed with the noise of three life-filled boys.

Days come where it seems this white sided house is a casualty laden battlefield. We line up, them against me. Their to the death stubbornness against my i will survive determination. Their quick shifting emotions against my fast fading patience. Their muddy shoes and soup dropping hands against my momentarily clean floors. Their childish cries against my not so adult-like sighs.


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When a Sippy Cup Straw is the Last Straw | Marvelous Mundane

This morning was one of those moments.

I was standing at the sink washing dirty sippy cups.

You know when your kid can drink just fine from a regular cup, but you aren’t ready to wash the floor five times a day? Yeah, that’s me. And while any floor in this house of three boys could use a good scrubbing five times a day, ain't nobody got time for that.

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Free Download | Share the most marvelous story with your kids.

It’s finally here!

This eight-day devotional, a free download, to walk your family through the Most Marvelous Story.

I know myself, and  the daily struggle to find the right words to share the realness of Jesus with my kids. If you are anything like me, you wonder too: “How do I share this reality with my kids in way that draws them to the wonder and greatness of Jesus? That makes them see themselves in His great story? That gives them a glimpse of the whole picture to spark their hearts to want more?”


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Why Our Kids Still Need Heroes (and us too) | Marvelous Mundane

As they watched the horror in front of them, Corie turned to Betsie, and caught her breath. When everyone around had sunk into complete despair, Betsie’s face was different; almost glowing. What could have come over her sister? Betsie turned to Corie, “Corie, look. Look at all the people who need to know God’s love!”. 

And Corie, in complete disbelief, saw that her sister was not just seeing the hurting prisoners in front of them, but the hardened prison guards too.

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