Little Boys and Big Faith | Marvelous Mundane

“Do you think God can use you?”

“No, I’m too young”. His answer quickly spills out. Then, just as quickly, he grins and edits his answer: “Yes!”.

We’ve just finished reading David & Goliath in the Jesus Storybook Bible. A story intended for my four year old, but what eight year old boy can resist nasty giants & spinning slingshots & “how-could-a-small-rock-actually-kill-a-giant” conversations?

“God doesn’t look for big strong people,” I tell my boys. “He chooses people with faith in HIM.”

The longer I’ve parented, the more I’ve realized these words I hand them are actually for me, too. Usually it takes a bit of later-self-reflection to realize this, but today it’s black & white, front & center as soon as the words leave my mouth.

Does my life show I believe God works his incredible power through believing hearts? Or do my days show a belief that self-effort & self-betterment are the keys to success? That a meaningful life is waiting in a better organized, better educated, better planned life?

I’m not arguing against faith and wisdom leading us down a path of intentional life choices. But I do think I need to pay more attention to my own heart, to my real hope. I need to watch those subtle signs I know are connected to a me-centered (or others-centered) hope: stress, impatience, frustration, worry, lack of prayer. And instead of shifting to self-condemnation, lift my eyes to marvelous hope: “God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong...therefore, at it is written: let the one that boasts boast in the Lord.”