New Years & New Hope | Marvelous Mundane

New Years rolls in as fresh as my almost-three year old on a power trip. I’m a dreamer imagining all that can be; a procrastinator embracing a restart; a list-lover seduced by grand ideas black-inked across a new journal. Even though I’ve traded bold resolution writing for slow growing habits, the first of January is, as always, distractingly beautiful.

But reality quickly returns. There’s nothing like seven months pregnant to tone down expectations, the impending sleeplessness narrowing focus on one great hope: make it to the end of the year with kindness and grace intact.

I’ve spent many New Years hoping in my strength, but this year I’m more aware than ever of my human frailty, my desperate need for grace. I’m much more comfortable penning lists that rely on my own strength, ingenuity, time management and self discipline; more familiar believing the answer is waiting in better planning and follow through.

But here in this place of knowing I am not enough is a certain freedom. A sliver of excitement. The unknowns aren’t quite as scary next to the one great known that rules them all: “My grace is sufficient for you, and my strength is made perfect in weakness.”

So this year’s resolution? More rest in Christ’s finished work, less restlessness in my unfinished work.

Stephanie GrayumComment