Looking for Joy in the Hall Closet | Marvelous Mundane

“I just need one more peek before bed to make my heart happy.”

I paused in the hallway, opening the closet door to admire yesterday’s effort. Where disorganized books and paper had spilled over each other, now there were nicely folded towels and neat rows of toilet paper. Some pay admission to an art museum to let their soul soak in beauty, but a well organized closet does the trick for me.


All those things- and more- tucked away in a hall closet.

Standing there, door knob in hand, a verse tiptoed across the hallway of my mind. “Behold the beauty of the Lord”. If I find this joy and refreshment in this little bit of order, how much more joy and refreshment is waiting in the seeing the God who ordered animal families, designed plant species, lined up my vertebrae?

Stillness is not my speciality. Oh, definitely the stillness in front of a BBC series or holding a new book. But not the stillness of dwelling. Of reflecting. Of quieting my mind to focus on one thing: to stand in front of the character of God. Beholding his goodness. Wondering on his greatness. Celebrating his grace.

There won’t always be well-organized closets and cabinets ready to give me a pick-me-up, one last self-congratulatory pat on the back before I crawl into bed. But the beauty of the Lord- it's always there. Always here. No matter what circumstances swirl around, I can linger for a moment over His beauty. My soul can find rest and satisfaction in his accomplishments. My organization loving self can delight in his sovereignty.

We were made to enjoy the glimpses and replications of his character wherever it is- even a closet. But I need to remember that this little joy is meant to point back to a greater glory, a greater wonder, a greater satisfaction. And thankfully, it’s a satisfaction that will still be there even in the messy closet seasons of life.

Stephanie GrayumComment