Free Download | Share the most marvelous story with your kids.

It’s finally here!

This eight-day devotional, a free download, to walk your family through the Most Marvelous Story.


And it’s not just a devotional! This download also includes artwork created especially for this project by South Carolina artist Haley Smith. The artwork alone makes it worth the time of a few clicks!

The last few months I have been slowly working on this project to share with all of you, a project to help introduce the children in your life to the greatest story ever written: the life and work of Jesus Christ.

I know myself, and  the daily struggle to find the right words to share the realness of Jesus with my kids. If you are anything like me, you wonder too: “How do I share this reality with my kids in way that draws them to the wonder and greatness of Jesus? That makes them see themselves in His great story? That gives them a glimpse of the whole picture to spark their hearts to want more?”

I believe in the power of a story. Have you ever met anyone who can turn down a good story? I haven’t. We are drawn to stories. We are a story-loving people precisely because we were made to be part of a great story. And it’s not until we know the Writer of that story that we can fully find our place.

With that in mind, I sought to weave together a compelling story of the greatest story. This eight day devotional starts with the wonder of a God who was before time, and ends with the death-defeating resurrection of Jesus Christ. Every single day of this devotional points to the glory of God, our need for Savior, and the sacrificial work of the God-man, Jesus Christ.

I pray that these words will be a tool to connect your heart and your children’s heart with the Great Writer of the Greatest Story.

Each devotional offers options: older children, younger children, toddler, and adult reflection. Use one, use them all, hurry through or take your time. I’ve also included in this download additional ideas for making the most of this devotional and the pictures. When you enter your name and email, you will instantly receive the download on your device. Save it, print it, cut it, laminate it, use it in a way that makes Jesus known in your family! 

Love,  Stephanie