She Blew Wind in My Sails | Marvelous Mundane

Walking down the hall from the children's wing at church, I can still hear my one year old crying after being left in nursery. I smile at a passing friend, thanking her for the Christmas cookies she and her family made for us. She smiles back and says they were made with love.

She’s a mom of five. Not too many years ago she was where I am about to be, with three kids under three. She shares that she remembers those days fondly. She tells me they were wonderful days. She said she has such vision for motherhood and loved that season of life. She said she was young and doesn’t remember being as tired then as she is nowadays. She speaks of a new season of having young teens and learning a new stage of mothering.

I soak in her words of wisdom. Her positivity about my current stage is an attitude I haven’t often heard. She raves about my season and encourages my contentment in my crazy. She praises my vision for my mission. She breathes life into my soul.

She probably doesn’t even know how impacted I was by our five minute conversation, but I am forever changed. She breathed life into my heart and refreshment into my purpose. Who can you give five minutes today? Is there a mom at a different stage than you, who you can breathe life into? Five minutes can take a tired and weary momma and change her into a motivated and determined mother, a mother with renewed passion.

Breathe life into someone today.