Today, I Will Love You | Marvelous Mundane

Today, I will slow my steps to find your eyes. When you whisper after me, I will remember to pause, to turn my headlong rushing into unhurried presence.

Today, I will remember that life is not out there waiting for me, but right here looking at me. I will not spend my days in wishful thinking, but in present, purposeful living. I will remember that a lifetime is made of many mundane and insignificant moments.

Today, I will find the joy hidden in the ordinary. I will not let my mind run free, chasing after worries and fears, longing after what you could become, or what we could have been. I will invest in the beauty of sacrificial loving rather than racing after the mirage of perfected performance.  

Today, I will lean into your heart instead of merely acknowledging your opinions. I will welcome your words as windows to your soul, as invitations to an invaluable friendship. I will listen for the unspokens, watch the for unseens, and search for the unknowns.

Today, I will remember you are not a trophy to be displayed, or a project to be completed, but a person to be treasured. And I will treasure you. I will mother with respect and dignity, honoring both the reach of my influence and the depth of your value.

Today, I will embrace you, all of you. I will not harbor frustration in what you are not, but will devote myself to who you are. I will celebrate your strengths, I will smile at your quirks, and I will partner with your frustrations. I will not get caught in the suffocating grasp of comparison, but will delight in this never-before-known soul given to my care.

Today, I will love you.