A Year of Not Enough | Marvelous Mundane

One of the great mysteries of motherhood is how it consumes every waking moment, yet simultaneously creates endless opportunity for doubt and fear. When we pass around stories of our childhoods, stories of encouragement and pain, of indifference and comfort, of favorite moments and shaping memories, I wonder.

I wonder the stories my boys will tell when they too are taller, older, wiser. I wonder what memories will shape their perspectives, their hearts, their parenting. I long for them to have stories of grace-breathed truth & quickly spoken humility, of reliable comfort & welcoming warmth. I am too familiar with the regret of harshly spoken words, of emotion fueled responses, of wishing for a moment to be redone.

Can we allow our wonderings and worries to move us beyond fear, to find hope and truth?

To turn these lurking enemies into vehicles to peace?

Because the fear that we cannot be enough can bring us to the freeing truth that we have never been enough. That we were created in the image of God, an image broken by sin but restored and redeemed by the life and death of Jesus Christ. Because this life of Christ is inside us, we need not make ourselves enough, we need not analyze all the intricacies of how we are not enough, we need not compare ourselves to those who look enough.

This is a year to know the enough-ness of God.

To let His glory empower and inspire while standing at a sink full of day old dishes, sitting next to the Mt. Everest of laundry piles, or stumbling down a dark hallway towards towards a needy cry.

A year to let go of the need to manipulate perfection and peace around us, and to peer deeply into the mystery of the Perfection given us.

A year to experience His constant kindness and reflect that to the little lives around us. To let all of the doubts and fears bring us back to the enough-ness of Christ. Of His power in us, His grace through His, His transforming work strong enough to weave a redemptive story through my soul that will restore & transform my motherhood.

Because, above anything else, we were created to know God and make Him known. It is not until we steady our hearts with His enough-ness, we strengthen our minds with His vastness, and we set our desires on His exaltation, that we will experience an abiding sense of purpose in each gloriously messy day of motherhood.

Christ in you, the hope of glory.