You Are Not A Project | Marvelous Mundane

You are a gift.

A gift never before seen.

A heart never before known.

A voice never before heard.

Your very presence is a present, a gift from the Giver of all good gifts. And when your presence requires more from me than I feel I have to give, whether nights of unslept sleep, days of unplanned interruptions, or years of untouched dreams, I will remember that you are never a disruption, but a gift of grace. A gift trusted to my hands, and placed on my heart. A gift pointing back to the Giver, to the eternal hands that hold me.

You are not an inconvenience.

Because love and sacrifice are success in this upside-down kingdom of God’s.

Because it is not what we offer, but what we have been offered that declares our value and our worth.

You are not valuable because of what you give me, but because of who you were given by. You were formed by a God who makes no mistakes, crafted by a God who knew us before time, who sees into the stretch of all eternity. And when the nights are long, and the days drag on, I will set my heart on this upside-down kingdom ruled by a stepped-down, cross-nailed King, instead of clinging to idealistic visions crafted by me

You are a child.

You are covered with needs, and coated with wonder.

You are extravagant love and unjaded dreams.

You are worlds unimagined and dear friends unseen.

And both your wearying dependence and your running after independence, they drag us to the feet of the God of all benevolence. For in your eyes I see myself. In your fights against my authority, I see my feelings’ wrestlings with Truth’s superiority. In your unabashed demands for attention, I see my soul’s desperation to live the mystery of Emmanual, God with us

You are not a project.

You are not a race to be won, or a craft to be displayed.

You are a soul entrusted.

You are waiting for the whispered truths of man created, souls broken, heaven coming, glory given, life eternal; listening for a life shouting the realities of a present, risen, coming Savior. You see through my words, you hear past my directions. And though I cannot give you an imagine of perfection, I can show you the beauty of imperfection brought to the throne of Grace.