Creating Your Own Support System | Marvelous Mundane

Do you feel isolated in your mothering? Do you feel as if you are alone in this motherhood journey? Maybe there are other mothers around you feeling the same way, young moms at your church or in your town, who could use an excuse to escape their house, to be with other moms and kids. Do you realize you have something to offer? Just by offering yourself?

Almost every Thursday, I have a group of moms and their small children over for a play date; a come and go as you please, bring your own snacks kind of playdate. (I am not in a stage of life where I can bake weekly, or offer more than a well-made pot of coffee!). I created this “Mommy Time” out of necessity for myself and my kids. I needed other moms to talk to, and I wanted my kids to be around other kids. These moms have become my closest friends. They have pushed me towards Christ, and encouraged my marriage and motherhood more than I ever imagined.

I’ll be honest, I don’t clean ahead for this time. I usually wait to do my cleaning after everyone leaves. Having all those kids around typically creates a mess, and it’s an excuse to really clean later. I do spot clean ahead, and remove toys that have lots of pieces, or toys I want to stay nice. In the warmer months we spend the entire time outside, creating even less of a mess . Those are my favorite!

If your house isn’t an option, you aren’t out of options! See if there is a local playplace you can meet, a favorite playground nearby, or ask your Pastor if you can use the nursery for a few hours a week, while promising to clean up and sanitize afterwards. Being with other moms who are in similar stages of mothering can be life giving! It may take some work and creativity, but it is entirely worth the investment. We need each other!