Five Resolutions for Simple Motherhood | Marvelous Mundane

As long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by the potential waiting in a fresh start. A new journal, an empty page in my weekly planner, the next month flipped up on the calendar, or a New Year’s approaching all sparkle with possibilities. And while I am still slightly intoxicated by all those blank pages, this year I am starting out by slowing down, by making resolutions that bring a simple focus to motherhood. Instead of overachieving, overthinking, and overplanning, I am committing to a motherhood that defines success by purpose fulfilled rather than performance perfected. Because simple motherhood isn’t defined by checked off to-do lists or filtered pictures, but by showing up wholeheartedly each day; by faithfulness.

I will not evaluate my success by the number of our activities and accomplishments, but in faithfully showing up for both the expected and unexpected of each day. I will show up for this life, whether it’s a season of a child’s nighttime wakeups, a season of repetitive reminders for a strong-willed toddler, or a season of complicated choices or heart hurting situations. Instead of asking “What did I get done this day?”, I will ask “Did I truly show up today?”.

I will spend more time and energy creating a family culture that reflects our unique combination of personalities, preferences, and convictions, than constantly comparing our family to the strengths and styles of others. I will invest more thought into being a student of my family than I spend on Instagram stalking or Pinterest planning. I will ask questions like “What is motivating this behavior?” and “What speaks love to his heart?” rather than “What do they think of my parenting?” or “Why can’t we do such and such like so and so?”.

I will believe in the power of small intentional choices and slow built habits. I will celebrate the big dreams that God stirs inside my heart, without devaluing the many small decisions in the midst of mundane days that add up to a lifetime. I will value presence over perfection; remembering that my children don’t need a perfectly scheduled year of devotions but a parent who shows them the importance of filling our hearts with Truth each day.

I will see unwelcome interruptions as unexpected opportunities.  Opportunities to speak truth into rapidly growing minds, because the frustrating behaviors that drive me bonkers are in fact reminders of their need for a present and proactive parent. Opportunities to live out in front of my children the powerful lesson of a faith that is meant for adversity. Opportunities to remember that my best thought out plans are simply my best thought out guesses. Opportunities to remember that it is never a mistake to live fully the life given no matter how it differs from the life planned. I will remember my job as a parent is not to discover some elusive formula for success, but to model a gracious heart and a humble faith.

I will budget more time for soul care than the money budgeted for stomach filling. Just as many small purchases add up to one surprising grocery bill, so many small moments of soul feeding result in unforeseen strength. And just as nutritious meal planning requires knowledge of our physical needs, this soul feeding calls for thoughtful planning. Whether it’s a Bible left open on the dining room table to accompany breakfast, a book left on the counter for the scattered moments of downtime, a naptime plan for rest and relaxation, a podcast downloaded on my phone to be listened to in between hurried errands, or a night out with close friends. I will remember that my children’s need for this soul strengthened mother is greater than their need for a specific number of vegetables.

Let's step into this year of simple motherhood together. Let's inspire rather than impress. Let's shout encouragement rather than whisper gossip. Let's create a community of live-giving mothers who point back to the Giver of Life.