Grace is Here: Hope for a Weary Mom | Marvelous Mundane

When I wake with a weariness that is the badge of motherhood, I can find rest in remembering this: our timeless God has already generously spread His grace through every moment of the day before me. Grace has invaded each invitation to discouragement, each pull to impatience, and every push to anger. The same grace that stretches behind, clothing my past with undeserved grace, stretches ahead with immeasurable promise. In the life and death of Christ we were given a promise of presence, a gift of power. God with me, God in me, God through me. Not promise of accomplishment, promise of quiet, or promise of convenience; it is so much greater, but so easily forgotten when it diverges from my ideas of a successful day. Yet in every moment there is opportunity to remember this magnificent grace.

When my restless sleep is abruptly interrupted by a needy cry- the God who anticipates my weakness and embraces my desperation is already here.

When my morning alarm is a toddler whose demanding greeting promises a difficult day, the God whose faithfulness endures my sighs of dissatisfaction is already here.

When a plate of patiently prepared breakfast shatters across the kitchen floor, the God who daily restores and transforms my brokenness is already here.

When my idealistic intentions are smothered by crankiness and complaints, the God who patiently whispers truth to my grumbling heart is already here.

When my perfectly planned calendar is capsized by a child’s hacking cough, a surprise fever, or a restless stomach, the God who is never drowned by the doubt or despair that suffocate my soul is already here.

When the regret of harsh words and overlooked opportunities overwhelms my mind, the God who wove redemption through the broken pieces of my past is already here.

On the long and weary days, let’s turn our eyes upward. Let’s believe there is grace to be seen and experienced in the imperfect and unexpected. Let’s rejoice in the presence of God more than we rejoice in perfectly executed plans, compliant children or empty laundry baskets. The finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross means motherhood is not a means to an end, or a trophy to be won. Rather, it is a place to live out our calling as imitators of God, the God who set His glory aside to live in a broken, hurting, and hostile world. Whether it’s a day where every moment around reveals brokenness, or a day where we see reflections of love and beauty everywhere, we can rejoice in Emmanuel, God with us.